Sage Journal

The SAGE Journal is a trans-disciplinary journal for the scientific issues regarding contemporary art conservation. The main aim of this biennial journal is to publish original papers on the ageing, and transformations which come with it, of contemporary works of art. Special attention will be given to studies concerning the knowledge of the issues arising with the use of artistic free-styling, non-conventional materials, as well as modern materials’ life limits and degradation mechanisms, and all theoretical and practical aspects related to the preservation of contemporary works of art. The focus will be on new professional materials, encompassing not only materials used for artistic creation, but also new materials for restorers.

The SAGE Journal encourages the presentation of case studies, considering that this field, outlined as an area of strong future, with specific traits, is yet far from including procedures and repeatability. The variety of case studies and projections for as many distinct situations, most efficiently support the preventive conservation measures.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to create a transdisciplinary platform to disseminate the latest research on the topic of contemporary art aging and all aspects which derive from it.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a new scientific approach in contemporary visual art and to start up an advanced form of specialization in the restoration/conservation.